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Look at the Stars

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Remember it by drawing the constellations, planets, and shooting stars you see. As the sun gradually rises, the night sky will disappear. Capture it as best as you can before dawn!

All players will have their own personal Night Sky board to form Constellations on. Each turn a Night Card will be revealed, showing lines that must be drawn. These lines may be mirrored, rotated, and connected to other lines to form longer Constellations. As the Night Decks empty the bottom rows of the boards can no longer be drawn on. At the end of the game, score points for Constellations of different sizes, Planets that have Constellations adjacent to them, how long the Shooting Stars are, and bonus cards.

  • STARRY NIGHT ADVENTURE: Immerse yourself in the beauty of the night sky as you draw constellations, planets, and shooting stars in this captivating board game.
  • PERSONALIZED NIGHT SKY BOARDS: Each player receives their own Night Sky board to craft unique constellations. Draw lines, mirror images, and connect stars to form mesmerizing patterns.
  • CONNECTING CONSTELLATIONS: Mirror, rotate, and connect lines to form longer constellations, but beware, as the night sky gradually fades with the rising sun.
  • STRATEGIC SCORING: Compete to score points based on constellations of varying sizes, planets adjacent to them, the length of shooting stars, and bonus cards, making every game unique.
  • IMMERSE IN STARRY WONDER: Immerse yourself in the magic of the night sky and test your artistic and strategic skills in this delightful game for all ages.