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Kingdom Rush - Rift in Time - Sir Gerald Lightseeker Vs. J.T. Expansion

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With the spells of the Time Mage wreaking havoc in space-time, we are confronted with a new enemy that we never thought to face again - the Yeti J.T.! Sir Gerald Lightseeker left with his best knights to put this raging monster back in the history books, but we haven't heard from them since they left 3 days ago.

Generals - your mission is to find Sir Gerald and arrest the abominable J.T. The Kingdom cannot bear another cold spell this early.

This expansion requires Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time to play.

In the Sir Gerald Lightseeker vs J.T. Expansion, you'll track down Sir Gerald and help him to stop the abominable new boss J.T.! Take control of the Lightseeker as a new playable hero across four new scenarios of Kingdom Rush!


  • 4 New scenarios
  • 1 Hero set:
    • 1 28mm miniature
    • 1 Hero board
    • 1 Activation card
    • 4 Special Action tiles
    • 1 Pack of polyomino damage tiles
    • 1 Hero Tray
  • 1 Boss set:
    • 1 80mm miniature
    • 1 Boss deck
    • 1 Reference card
    • 6 Horde cards
  • 1 Rulebook