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Shop our Singles on TCG

Tomes of Terror Book Mimic Dice Box

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Showcase your dice in sinister style with the Tomes of Terror Dice Box Today!

Don't just store your dice, keep them properly guarded within the toothy mouth of the Forged Gaming Tomes of Terror Dice Box.  This stack of seemingly innocent-looking books opens to reveal a beast hungry for your dice!

  • A resin-crafted, mimic masterpiece
  • Can devour up to 12 sets of your prized polyhedral dice
  • Measures 6 inches wide, 3.5 inches tall and 4 inches deep
  • Hand-painted

We are Forged Gaming company. We craft the highest quality premium tabletop gaming accessories in all the land! We're players and GMs at heart. We look, listen, and respond to what players and GMs want, and we create premium quality, functional, and affordable gaming tools that bring excitement to your table.

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