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Shop our Singles on TCG

Secret Lair Drop: If Looks Could Kill Foil Edition - Secret Lair Drop Series

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When Magic and fashion collide, ‘Modern’ is more than just a format—it’s a way of life. Get the most on-trend looks for your deck or collection with these sharply dressed Borderless cards by illustrator Jack Hughes. Bursting with bold pastels, avant-garde asymmetry, and unconventional composition, each piece you throw down turns the playmat into the catwalk. The only fashion faux pas you can make with this set? Going sleeveless.

• 1x Foil Borderless Azami, Lady of Scrolls
• 1x Foil Borderless Liliana of the Dark Realms
• 1x Foil Borderless Reflector Mage
• 1x Foil Borderless Adaptive Automaton