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Shop our Singles on TCG

Sacred Hollows Silver Green Hollow | Set of 7 Metal Dice

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Forged Gaming Company is committed to providing the highest quality premium tabletop gaming accessories. Period.

This set is HOLLOW. Each face features an intricate knot design in brushed silver with green numbers.

SIZE All measurements are point-to-point except where noted
 ◦ D20
 ◦ D12


 ◦ D10, D% 25mm
 ◦ D8 29mm
 ◦ D6 18mm (measured flat-to-flat)
 ◦ D4 21mm (measured point-to-flat)
QUALITY Each die is made from heavy aluminum-zinc alloy and hand-finished to be strong an durable


Our dice include a protective storage tin & a few random stickers


Perfect for Dungeons & Dragons (DND), Cyber Punk, Call of Cthulhu, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, Shadowrun, and all dice-centered tabletop roleplaying games

We are Forged Gaming company. We craft the highest quality premium tabletop gaming accessories in all the land! We're players and GMs at heart and we create premium quality, functional, and affordable gaming tools that bring excitement to your table.

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