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Shop our Singles on TCG

Stone Dice - Purple Teal

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 Includes set of 7 dice: D20, D12, D10, D10, D8, D6, D4 Each die is hand carved from pure gemstone and polished in a proper tumbler. Designs are then engraved into each side and hand painted. Gemstone dice are never guaranteed to have a perfectly balanced weight; however, each of our dice sets are always well weighted and well balanced. 

Size of each die:
D4 = 16 mm
D6 = 16 mm
D8 = 16 mm
D10 = 16 mm
D10 = 16 mm
D12 = 18 mm
D20 = 18 mm

Worried about broken/chipped dice? GREAT NEWS! Misty Mountain Gaming offers a LIFETIME WARRANTY on ALL dice! This warranty protects you from the heartbreak of having broken gemstone dice. Please see their LIFETIME WARRANTY page for more details.