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pebbles -Frosted Garnet Diceset

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Introducing Pebbles - Frosted Garnet, a captivating embodiment of nature's beauty in a charming pebble version. Crafted from the resplendent frosted zircon Garnet, each piece invites you to connect with the deep, rich hues of the earth and experience the timeless allure of precious gems.

Pebbles - Frosted Garnet allows you to bring the essence of nature into your space. The frosted zircon Garnet captures the intense and passionate red tones of the natural world, infusing your environment with warmth and energy. The pebble design not only showcases the beauty of these stones but also offers a tactile experience, allowing you to appreciate the smoothness and texture of the garnet.

These pebbles transcend mere decoration; they are a testament to the magnificence of the earth's treasures and the craftsmanship that shapes them. The frosted zircon Garnet speaks of strength and vitality, while the pebble form evokes the enduring forces of nature.

Whether you choose to display them as striking accents or use them as a way to ground your surroundings, Pebbles - Frosted Garnet invites you to embrace the raw beauty of the natural world. Feel the connection to the earth and the ageless charm of garnet with these exquisite frosted zircon pieces, thoughtfully presented in their charming pebble form.

Size: 12mm