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Marabunta is a Roll and Write (roll dice, then write the results according to the game rules) combining strategy and territory control. The game is part of Space Cowboy’s line of two player games (Splendor Duel, Jaipur).
In this game, you are a queen ant that wants to expand her territory but watch out – because you aren’t alone. Across from you, another queen is spying on your army and land.

Marabunta is designed for players looking for a strategic two-player game, territory control and combos, and rules that are taught and understood quickly.

  • ENTER A WORLD OF ANTS: Immerse yourself in the intricate world of Marabunta, where ant colonies sprawl across vast territories. Explore the beauty of this unique setting and experience the thrill of ant warfare while striving for peaceful coexistence.
  • ROLL & WRITE GAME: This innovative game combines strategic gameplay with a fun twist. Write down your decisions on an erasable puzzle board, creating a dynamic gaming experience that evolves with each playthrough.
  • TERRITORY MANAGEMENT: This game challenges players to master the art of territory management. Make critical decisions to expand your colony's domain while keeping a watchful eye on your rivals. Every choice counts.
  • "I DIVIDE, YOU CHOOSE": This unique mechanic adds a layer of diplomacy and strategy to the game. Make tough choices - give up wealth or territories in favor of others. Negotiation and decision-making are key to your colony's survival and success.
  • HIGH INTERACTION: Experience the thrill of high interaction as you compete with friends and opponents. Bluff and strategize, outmaneuver your rivals and relish every moment of this dynamic game.


  • 1 double-sided Territory board
  • 2 double-sided Player boards
  • 2 erasable markers
  • 6 custom dice
  • 1 rulebook