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Iron Orchid Set of 7 Metal Dice

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“The echo of his incantation had not yet faded from the chamber as Yabataz opened his eyes and beheld the fruit of his labors. The metal of the amulet had embraced the magic and been transformed. And the gemstone within it faintly glowed with the light of the old mage’s life force.”

Make an impact (and leave a mark if you’re not careful.) This set of solid metal beauties weighs over 5 oz. and features:

  • Seven heavy duty polyhedral die—a D4, D6, D8, D10 (marked 0-9), D10 (marked 00-99), D12, and a D20.
  • A brushed iron finish with stamped numbers filled in lavender.
  • Engineering to precise specs to ensure a consistent roll.
  • A strong aluminum-zinc alloy composition that will endure years of use.
  • A collectible metal storage case with padded lid that doubles as a dice tray.

Show no quarter and use these dice to take your favorite RPG by storm.