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Shop our Singles on TCG

Green Turquoise Stone Dice Set

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$89.99 - $89.99
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Turquoise is an ancient protection and healing stone. It guards travelers, possessions, and against exhaustion. It also is a symbol of wisdom, nobility, and immortality. Prized by many cultures, including the Egyptians, Persians, Chinese, Aztecs, Incas, and Native Americans.

Each die is hand carved from pure gemstone and polished in a proper tumbler. Designs are then engraved into each side and hand painted. Gemstone dice are never guaranteed to have a perfectly balanced weight; however, each of our dice sets are always well weighted and well balanced. 

This Set Includes: 

  • 1-D4 16mm     
  • 1-D6 16mm   
  • 1-D8 16mm 
  • 2-D10 (00-90 and 0-9) 16mm 
  • 1-D12 18mm
  • 1-D20 18mm