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Hidden by the soft cloudy whiteness is a world where floating islands are home to great schools for young magical creatures from five realms. Cute little red dragons, clumsy pink fairies, spiteful yellow gnomes, small blue unicorns, and green frogs who dream of becoming princes show up at the gates of schools, with the hope of being admitted to the great hall and being able to admire the famous professors of their realm. Run one of Eriantys' four great schools and compete with other wizards to increase your fame!

Eriantys is a game full of strategy, tactics, and twists and turns. Carefully plan your moves and try to control your opponents' moves. With three different game modes, including team play, Eriantys always offers different and interesting game. In addition, if you play with the expert version, you can use the fantastic skills of the special character: each adds many possibilities, enriching the fun and beauty of the challenge.

1.Use your Assistants to determine the turn order.

2. Invite Students into your Dining Room and send them to the Islands.

3. Take control of Professors to influence Students.

4. Move Mother Nature on an Island where you have the most influence and build all the Towers before your opponents.

5 In the Expert version, use the Characters' abilities for more strategic challenges.

12 Island Tiles
4 School Boards
22 Towers
1 Mother Nature Pawn
4 Cloud Tiles
40 Assistant Cards
12 Character Cards
130 Student Discs
5 Professor Pawns
20 Coins
4 No Entry Tiles
1 Bag

Ages: 8+
Players: 2-4
Game Length: 30 minutes