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Dungeons & Dragons | Book Tabs - Dungeon Master's Guide

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About this item

  • [KEEP YOUR PLACE IN YOUR DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS BOOKS] Never lose your place with adhesive book tabs for the Dungeon Master's Guide
  • [SPECIAL TABS FOR EACH SECTION IN THE BOOK] This pack contains 92 acrylic tabs designed to help busy dungeon masters keep track of important sections like magic items, treasure, and even blank tabs for complete customization.
  • [INCLUDES] 20 Large tabs, 1x Introduction, 1x Chapter 1: World Building, 1x Chapter 2: Creating a Multiverse, 1x Chapter 3: Creating Adventures, 1x Chapter 4: Creating Nonplayer Characters, 1x Chapter 5: Adventures Environments, 1x Chapter 6: Between Adventures, 1x Chapter 7: Treasure, 1x Chapter 8: Running the Game, 1x Appendix B: Monster Lists, 1x Table: Random Magic Items, 1x Table: Gemstones, 1x Table: XP Thresholds by Character Level, 1x Table: Treasure, 5x Blank tabs and 72 other Small tab
  • [NON PERMANTENT] These tabs can easily be placed, moved, and removed.
  • [MORE TO COLLECT] Check out the variety of other book tabs, specially designed for each Dungeons and Dragons book.