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D&D Collector's Series - Baphomet

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The demon lord Baphomet, also known as the Horned King and the Prince of Beasts, rules over minotaurs and others with savage hearts. He is worshiped by those who want to break the confines of civility and unleash their bestial nature. Over time, Baphomet's cultists became tainted by his influence, gaining bloodshot eyes and coarse, thickening hair. Small horns eventually sprout from the forehead. In time, a devoted cultists might transform entirely into a minotaur - considered the greatest gift of the Prince of Beasts.

Baphomet appears as a great, black-furred minotaur 20 feet tall with six iron horns. A hateful light burns in his red eyes. He wields a great glaive called Heartcleaver, but sometimes casts this deadly weapon aside so that he can charge his enemies and gore then with his horns, trampling them into the earth and rending them with his teeth like a beast.

Resin components.

1 Baphomet

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.