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Welcome to the Northern Expanse, a place where nature is still unexplored, mystical and dangerous. When humans first arrived, they thought they found an unspoiled paradise, but as their settlements expanded, nature itself pushed back. Great creatures known as Beasts emerged, determined to protect their land.

One player will take on the role of the Beast, while the other players work together as skilled hunters. The Beast uses a deck of direction cards to move over forests, swamps, and caverns, using guile and deceit to hide its tracks from the hunters. Hunters have one chance to search each round, making it a tense decision as they follow the trail.

Each action is performed by playing up to two cards per turn. Before each round players will draft for the most important cards. All action cards can be used by both the Beast and hunters alike. Hunters will need to cooperate and strategize to defeat the Beast and the Beast will need to skillfully outmaneuver the crafty hunters to reclaim their territory.

Work together as skilled hunters or defend your domain as a giant god¬like beast in an epic one-vs-many game with hidden movement and card drafting. Which side will you join?