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November Event Schedule

November Event Schedule

We've got a lot happening this month! A new set, a commander event and lots more! Check out the details below.


Commander: King of the Hill!

Saturday November 27th - Starts @ 12pm

Play in an epic tournament to capture the hill. The winners will each receive a foil ampersand promo Not only are these promos super unique, they're also pretty valuable. We hope to see you there!

Further Details will be announced over the next few weeks!


Crimson Vow release this month. The newest set for Magic the Gathering featuring some cool vampires! We've got some awesome events scheduled so you can have fun with this new set.

  • Prerelease: Friday November 12th - Sunday November 14th 
  • Bundle Sealed: Saturday November 20th @ 5:00
  • Draft: Every Friday @ 7:30 starting Friday November 19th

Weekly Events are staying the same but we added 2 new events last month we wanted to make sure you knew about:

  • Wednesday @ 7:15 - Standard
  • Thursday @ 7:00 - Flesh & Blood - Classic Constructed
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