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April Event Schedule

April Event Schedule

So much great stuff coming in April & May!

We will be closed 4/17 for Easter

First, changes to our weekly schedule:

  • Thursday 7pm: Standard is out - Pioneer is in! With the announcement of the pro tour this is your chance to get the practice you need in to succeed!
  • Monday 7pm: Flesh & Blood has moved to a new day! Mondays are a better fit for the crowd so come by Mondays to play this awesome game.

Other events to keep in mind!


  • 4/16 - Casual Commander: Help us grow our commander crowd! Lots of new people looking to join in some commander games. Come hang out, meet new friends, and get some commander games in!
    Free - no registration required
    We will be providing pizza to participants around 6pm.
  • 5/15 - Table top swap! - Come out and sell your used (or never opened :P ) board games or minis to other games. Swap those hobbies collecting dust for other lightly used games or for cash for something new!
  • 5/28 - Modern 1K



So much excitement for this new set! Based on 5 crime families it's sure to have lots of new mechanics to explore.

Preorder Here

Pre Release 4/22 - 4/24

  • Friday 4/22 @ 6pm We're hosting a prohibition party!  Even if playing magic isn't your thing, you can come, open the new cards, enjoy great food, and have a fun time!

  • Friday 4/22 @ 11pm - Sealed
  • Saturday 4/23 @ 12pm - Two-Headed Giant play as a team best of 1 where you and your partner get 30 life instead of 20! 
  • Saturday 4/23 @ 5pm - Sealed
  • Sunday 4/24 @ 12pm - Two-Headed Giant
  • Sunday 4/24 @ 5pm - Sealed

Release 4/29 - 4/30

  • Saturday 4/30 - Come out and draft all day at our Draft-a-thon
We're looking forward to a busy month and can't wait to see everyone at the store!


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