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September Event Schedule

September Event Schedule

Rolling into one of the final MTG releases of the year we're excited to have a jam-packed September in store!!

Modern 1K

Probably by now you're not shocked, but we're having a 1K! September 4th at 11am! Pre-Registration is highly recommended, you can sign up here

Draft your way through COVID

We missed out on drafting some super fun sets! So on the Friday's leading up to Midnight Hunt, we'll be going back in time and drafting a set we missed out on. Yay!

  • 9/3 - Ikoria
  • 9/10 - Zendikar Rising

If players enjoy this theme we will continue it after Midnight Hunt comes out! Be sure to let us know what sets you want to draft that we missed!

Speaking of Draft - Mystery Booster Draft!

You asked, and you shall receive. 9/11 we're hosting a mystery booster draft for $25

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt

It might be last, but it's certainly not least! We're going back to Innistrad and we're pretty stoked. 

  • Pre-release 9/17-9/19 - We're hosting 6 events, 5 sealed, 1 Two-headed Giant! Buy your kits to secure your entry! If you're partcipating in multiple events be sure to use the discount codes listed on the product page.
  • Set Booster Sealed! One of our favorites pre-pandemic is back. The Saturday following release we will do a set booster sealed of Midnight Hunt! Set Boosters will be $100 and winner will get a set booster!

As always, let us know what other types of events you want to see!

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