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Sirius Dice: Wooden Dice Set

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Color: Sapphire Grove

In the Ming dynasty there was a style of wood known as nanmu. Prized for its luster and resistance to decay, it was so valuable that only the royal families could afford their use. When the Forbidden City was built, whole logs of nanmu were used to create pillars of the imperial palace.

The Phoebe zhennan tree was one such source of nanmu, and this wood is set into every hand-crafted die. The Sapphire Grove dice set introduces the world to a luxury formerly reserved for emperors and nobility.

  ‣ Only 675 of these Limited Edition sets made
  ‣ With uniquely placed wood in every die, each set is a one-of-a-kind collection
  ‣ Includes a certficate of authenticity, verifying each set
  ‣ Each die is distinct, with each bit of wood having its own place, hue, and woodgrain
  ‣ Every die is hand polished multiple times to display the luster of precious wood
  ‣ Every set comes with a premium dice vault of sustainably sourced hardwood from Mexico