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August Event Schedule

August Event Schedule

With August come some big changes to our schedule.

Added Events:

  • High Stakes Modern - Wednesday's @ 7
  • Draft - Friday's @ 7:30
  • Saturday Magic - Rotating events different each Saturday @ 2

Removed Events:

  • Digimon - Though we still have lots of players buying Digimon, players haven't been coming out for scheduled events. If you'd like to see this added back to the calendar reach out and let us know
  • Sunday Modern - :smirk: you guys voted for Sunday but that day didn't seem to work for most. We're replacing the Sunday event with Wednesday High-stakes modern, we hope to see you there!
  • Standard - We get it, standard is brutal right now. Until rotation we'll hold off on scheduled events. Our staff all play standard though, so if' you're looking for a game be sure to hit us up!

Small plug for September!!! We're having a Modern 1K on September 4th! Our first large event since lock down and we hope to see you there!



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