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Shop our Singles on TCG

Commander Legends - Draft Booster Display

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With 20-card packs and 70 new legendary creatures, Commander Legends is a brand-new way to draft, and revelation 
for Magic's most popular multiplayer format.

COMMANDER DRAFT IS HERE. Draft with the first ever booster packs designed for Commander—grab 3 packs, add in some basic lands, then show off your deck in exciting free-for-all games with up to 8 friends.

2 LEGENDS PER PACK. Every Commander Legends Draft Booster Pack contains 2 legendary creatures, and the set introduces 70+ legends to MTG.

CONTENTS: 24 Commander Legends Draft Booster Packs, each with 20 Magic cards including 2 legendary creatures and 1 foil card

Configuration: 6 displays / 24 boosters / 20 cards

Dimensions: 2.795" x 4.803" x 8.189 and weighs 2.150 lbs.

Weight: 2.150 lbs.

Languages Available: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish

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SKU: C63230000
Magic: The Gathering