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Zendikar Rising - Products, Pricing, Pre Release

Zendikar Rising - Products, Pricing, Pre Release

Well guys! We're pretty excited that Zendikar is right around the corner.

This year Wizards has opted for at home prerelease which means we won't be hosting any official prerelease events. That doesn't mean you can't still get in on the action! Every PreRelease kit purchased will come with 2 packs of prize support that you can use to host your own mini events. We will have tables available and help you with pairings if you wish to do these in store. The best part is since it's your event, you get to decide the number of rounds, how you want to use the prize support etc. If you are looking for other players to play with, just shoot us a message and we can get you in contact with other groups. If you plan to use your kits in store, please contact us to reserve space as we are still operating at a limited capacity.

Pre Order Pricing!

This pricing will be valid until we close on 9/17

  • 1 PreRelease Kit - $26
  • PreRelease Kits - $75 - Use Code ZEN3
  • 4 PreRelease Kits - $92 - Use Code ZEN4
  • 6 Pre Release Kits - $132 - Use Code ZEN6

Remember you'll get 2 additional packs of Zendikar Rising per Kit purchased!

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 $95 Dollars - Use Code ZENDRFT
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