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Commander League - August 2022

Commander League - August 2022

Come join us for some commander fun every Saturday in August starting 8/13.

Here's what you need to know!

  • The prize for the tournament will be determined based on the total number of participants in the league. But we promise to make them fun :D
  • $5/Saturday to play - for each week you get 1 standard booster pack
  • Players can play in a max of 2 commander games (that count for the league) each Saturday.
  • You may use different decks throughout the league or even on the same day in different matches.
  • No Proxies - you must own the card and have shown a member of staff the real copy if you're worried about damaging it.
Point System as follows:
    • 5 points - Win the game
    • 3 points - per opponent you killed
    • 2 points - Each opponent gets 2 points if you suicide/scoop
    • 1 point - for a variety of 'objective' you may or may not be able to complete.


Note on objections: You can not get more than one objective point for a single action or series of actions... (i.e.: Unlimited Turn combo can count as either "Unlimited Combo", or "Take 5 or more consecutive turns", but not both), but if you do the same combo in another game, you can count it as one of each for that day.

      • Unlimited combo (any type)
      • Take 5 or more consecutive turns.
      • Control 5 or more permanents you do not own.
      • Kill someone with their own creature
      • Kill someone with Poison Counters
      • Control at least one of each basic land (not just lands of a basic type, but actual basic lands)

Reach out to the store with any additional questions! We can't wait to see you.


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