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Pokemon TCG: V Battle Deck - Lycanroc V

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Crashing Fangs at Dusk with Lycanroc V!

As daytime turns into dusk, a green flash illuminates the horizon - now it's Lycanroc V's domain! Partner up with this ferocious Pokémon V to deliver a devastating Crashing Fangs attack, and recruit help from Galarian Sirfetch'd, Steelix, and Dugtrio to keep landing those big hits turn after turn. Then, when it's time for a late-night snack, let Cook heal your Active Pokémon so the battle can rage on!

Deck List:
Lycanroc V x1
Dugtrio x3
Diglett x4
Galarian Sirfetch'd x3
Galarian Farfetch'd x4
Steelix x2
Onix x2
Sudowoodo x2
Bug Catcher x2
Cook x1
Escape Rope x2
Evolution Incense x2
Great Ball x4
Gym Trainer x 2
Hop x4
Potion x 1
Shauna x2
Sonia x1
Fighting Energy x18

1 Ready-to-play 60-card Deck
3 Reference Cards
1 Rules Booklet
1 Single-player Playmat
Damage Counters
1 Large Metallic Coin
1 Deck Box
1 Quick Guide
1 Code Card to Play this Deck Online