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Canvas: Reflections (Deluxe) - Kickstarter Edition

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Product description

*Requires base game

Comes with:
  • 30 Reversible Transparent Cards
  • Game Board
  • 8 Scoring Cards
  • 28 Punchboard Tokens
  • 10 Background Cards
  • 10 Sleeves
  • Rulebook
PLUS this exclusive content:
  • 10 More Reversible Cards
  • 5 Signature Style Cards
  • 2 Ribbon Pins
  • 16 Wood Gold Ribbons
  • 10 Wood Inspiration Tokens
  • 13 More Sleeves

More info

What's New in Reflections?

Reversible Mirror Cards.
Each card can be flipped to reverse the position of the icons. The artwork on each side has a different color scheme.

New game board.
Players choose from 2 rows of Art Cards. This gives you a selection of 8 options, including a choice of 2 free Art Cards (for added flexibility when you're short on Inspiration Tokens).

Gold Bonus Ribbons.
Grab a Gold Bonus Ribbon worth 3 points for lining up a specific Element next to a Gold Bonus icon.

8 New Scoring Cards
These add puzzling new challenges, intriguing new scoring synergies, and more replayability.

Signature Styles (Deluxe edition only).
Each player begins the game with a different Signature Style. Score 2 points for each illustration of the shown type in one of your completed paintings.

Wood Tokens (Deluxe edition only).
16 screen-printed wood Ribbons with shiny metallic gold paint, plus 10 screen-printed wood Inspiration Tokens.

Ribbon Pins (Deluxe edition only).
The player with the most points and the player with the best painting are awarded the Best In Show and Masterpiece ribbons.