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Canvas: Finishing Touches (Deluxe) - Kickstarter Edition

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Product description

*Requires base game
Comes with:
  • 30 Transparent Cards
  • 4 Frames
  • 1 Board Extension
  • 8 Scoring Cards
  • 1 Score Pad
  • 15 Punchboard Tokens
  • 7 Background Cards
  • 7 Sleeves
  • Rulebook
  • Drawer Box
PLUS this exclusive content:
  • 10 More Transparent Cards
  • 12 Painter Cards
  • 15 Holofoil Wood Ribbons
  • 5 Updated Signature Styles
  • 20 More Sleeves

More info

What's New in Finishing Touches?
These tri-layer punchboard Frames add competitive player interaction as you vie to display paintings in the Gallery. If your painting has the most Elements of the indicated type, remove your opponent's painting from the Frame and place yours inside. You can also use the Frame's kickstand and hanging hole to display your winning masterpieces on your end table or your wall!
Holofoil Wood Tokens (Deluxe edition only).
Gain a Platinum Ribbon whenever you place a painting in a Frame.  The Platinum Ribbons are made of wood with an iridescent rainbow holofoil finish.
Painter Cards (Deluxe edition only).
Each player can call upon inspiration from their favorite painter to invoke an asymmetric player power.
40 New Art Cards (including 10 exclusive Deluxe cards)
These new cards feature holofoil "Creativity" icons (⭐) that can be counted as any 1 of the 4 Elements of Design. Also, the new "Blend" icons (🖌️) allow you to copy Elements into another Swatch.
8 New Scoring Cards.
These cards introduce new puzzling challenges & synergies. The complete collection gives you over 20,000 combinations of scoring objectives for endless replayability.
Score Pad.
Track scores on these tear-off sheets. Includes sections for all 3 Canvas games.
Board Extension.
This double-sided board is compatible with both the original Canvas mat and the Reflections board.