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Betrayal at House on the Hill

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A game of exploration, suspense, and fear for 3 to 6 players. Includes 50 scenarios and dozens of rooms so no game plays the same twice!

Go on a mysterious haunted journey with friends and family with the Betrayal at House on the Hill Board Game from Wizards of the Coast. This fun and suspenseful board game is a hauntingly new experience every time you play. Explore "that creepy old place on Avalon Hill" until one too many mysterious misadventures and omens befall you and one player betrays the other. This board game features multiple scenarios, a different lay-out with every game, and enough chills to freeze and keep those monster and horror fans gripped with every tile and turn.


Suggested Age: 12 Years and Up

Type of Game: Strategy and War Games

Playing Time: 1 Hour

Number of Players: 3-6 Players

Includes: Cards, Instructions, Game Board, Tiles, Figures, Game Pieces, Dice

Package type: Full Game

Material: Cardstock Paper

Battery: No Battery Used