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Sapiens Board Game

Prehistoric Game with Light Strategy

Every clan must explore new lands and gather food for the winter.

The time has come for the tribe to head for new horizons. As clan chief, guide your prehistoric people through the valley. Hunt and gather food, discover safe caves for the upcoming winter, and interact with the other nomad groups.

Gather your tribe and discover the valley!

Connect tiles to create a path for your tribe through the valley. Along the way, your tribe will gather food and search for suitable shelter in caves. At the end of the game, players compare the weaker of their two domains: the player with the most points in the weaker domain wins!


- 1 Scoretrack board.

- 32 Mountain tokens.

- 8 Valley board halves (4 left, 4 right).

- 4 Food Points wooden tokens.

- 4 Shelter Points wooden tokens.

- 63 Tribe tiles.

- 16 Brute tokens.

- 1 First Player token.

- 16 Bear tokens.

- 16 Mammoth Steak tokens.

- 1 rulebook.


For 2 to 4 Players.

40 minute playing time.

Ages 10+.